Open call: TRAVERS camp 2

From 1 to 28 February we will be accepting applications for the second round of TRAVERS, which will take place at Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark from 6 to 11 May 2019.

TRAVERS is a laboratory for artistic practice and theory, and a journey of exploration into cross-artform creation. Three separate ‘camps’ provide professional artists, scholars and other people involved in the arts, with an opportunity to come together and take part in an event that crosses disciplines and borders. TRAVERS is an encounter with the participants’ own practice: a confrontation with their strengths and weaknesses. The camps will scrutinise their habits and turn them inside out. In TRAVERS, the journey is the goal, and that journey features a cornucopia of meetings, surprises, shocks and challenges. With luck we will lose our way and discover new travelling companions in a totally unfamiliar landscape.

The first camp, entitled FACE THE PAST, took place at the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. The focus for the interdisciplinary exploration was looking at the past.

The second camp, entitled MEET THE PRESENT, will take place at Dokk1 in Aarhus in early May 2019. This time TRAVERS will use interdisciplinary practices to explore the characteristics of modern times in terms of culture, technology and political trends, and existing phenomena such as sensory perception. The examination will be qualified by a number of hosts from Denmark and abroad, each of whom excels in his or her particular artistic field. The hosts will guide us through their artistic practices and methods and together with the participants, they will attempt to tackle the issue of the nature of modern times.

The OPEN CALL for the camp at Dokk1 will be open from 1 to 28 February 2019.

– You do not need to have attended Camp 1 (Copenhagen, 2018) in order to attend Camp 2 (Aarhus, 2019). Camp 1 participants are very welcome to apply for camp 2.
– You can apply personally or as an artistic team. If you apply as a team, all team members must make individual applications.
– TRAVERS will contribute to travel expenses for anyone who is not based in Aarhus. However, your accommodation during your participation in the camp will be your own responsibility.
– We expect you to attend every day of the camp.
The application process is handled by the Further Education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.