Seminar: EU-Projects and impact of international cooperation

October 3 at 1.00-4.30 o’clock at The Development Platform

In this seminar, The Development Platform will, together with Assitej Denmark, focus on international projects, the funding opportunity, how to apply, do’s and dont’s, and not at least how to make an international project work to the best for the development in your organisation.

We are tapping into Assitej Denmarks extensive network and are joined by three international speakers with extensive experience with EU and international projects.

They are; Yannick Boudeau, External Expert and lead expert, The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), Belgium; Roberto Frabetti, Artistic Director of ”Visioni di futuro, di visioni di Teatro, which is an International festival of theatre and culture for early childhood, and finally Yvette Hardie, President of Assitej.

Those attending the seminar will get first hand knowledge of the potential benefits of being part of an international project, as well as concrete tips of how to build up the necessary networks to prepare for a partnership application.

Being part of an international project with international funding like Creative Europe (CE) has many advantages. Notwithstanding the alternative revenue stream inherent in such programmes due to the fact that a considerable amount of funding for the arts in Europe is channelled through them, there is the more important opportunity to develop collaborations with exciting international partners. The development potential in international collaboration is huge and witnessed by countless statements by satisfied European partners.

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